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Final Competition Registration & Submission Deadline: December 20, 2017 5pm PST


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Final Competition Registration & Submission Deadline: December 20, 2017 5pm PST

To register for the competition, entrants must provide a lead contact name, team affiliation, phone number, & contact email address.  After completing the required fields & clicking “Register,” the team will then be provided with a unique Registration ID.  The team must then incorporate the Registration ID on each page of the submission documents, prominently displayed at the top left hand corner.  As competition entries are intended to be anonymous, no other identifying individual or firm information may be displayed.

Issues with submitting work please contact


  • Lead Contact

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Entry Submission

  • Accepted file types: pdf.
  • Accepted file types: pdf.

Competition submissions are limited to two PDF files, as follows:

    • One (1) PDF file that includes three (3) 36x48 PDF (US Arch E) “boards.” 40 mb max file size.
    • One (1) PDF file of a project book not to exceed twenty (20) 8.5x11 (US Letter) pages. 8.3x11.7 (A4) format pages are also acceptable in lieu of US Letter format pages.  20 mb max file size.

    The architectural boards and project book may be presented in either Portrait or Landscape orientation, per each entrant.  Submissions must be PDF files compatible with Acrobat 5 or later.  Competition entries submitted as any other file type will not be considered by the competition jury.


  1. Proposal description, narrative, and project goals
  2. Proposed site plan (consisting of roughly half of the total area of one board)
  3. General programming proposal or idea in either text, chart, or diagrammatic form and covering the major site plan elements (these should make reference to the minimum programming guidance indicated in Section 3)
  4. One or more additional drawings illustrating the character & key ideas of the proposal. Possible formats include perspective views, axonometric views, elevations & sections

BOARD 2 & 3

  1. Technical strategies covering the proposal’s key ideas responding to the project goals, specifically in relation to architectural innovation, architectural programing, and project replicability. These should be expressed as text, drawings (plans, sections, elevations, perspectives, axonometric), diagrams, charts or graphs, or any combination thereof.
  2. Summary of pro-forma data, demonstrating construction costs, general financing mechanisms, debt service, capital & operating reserves, and revenue sources.
  3. Proposed project phasing strategies, illustrated by a project schedule, diagram, chart, graph, or combination thereof.
  4. Summary of proposed methodology for incorporating contextual sensitivity, supportive services, and community input into future phases of design development.


  1. Project description identifying the parti, design, planning, and engineering objectives.
  2. Developed site plan.
  3. Description of economic feasibility including a summary pro forma and projected construction, operating, and supportive service costs over a 30 year period.
  4. Graphic and written representation of the architectural programming specifying approximate areas and, where applicable, unit counts for each major site plan element.
  5. Graphic and written representation of proposed design, planning, and engineering strategies; with particular emphasis on architectural innovation, project replicability, and community connections.
  6. Adequate representation of all proposed built structures on the site (elevations, schematic plans, renderings, etc.); building layouts and typologies are not required but may be shown if required to respond to the proposal objectives.
  7. Summary of zoning requirements, land use controls, and needed entitlements to accommodate project proposals, project programing and further defining elements that meet design criteria, along with a time frame for securing proposed entitlements.
  8. Preliminary phasing proposal.
  9. Written description of proposed supportive service strategies to be implemented with development of the project.

Phase I competition entries are intended to be anonymous. As such, no personally identifiable information may be included on competition submissions.  Entries that do not comply with the above stated requirements will be subject to disqualification.

*By submitting your entries, you agree to follow domestiCITY Terms & Conditions. Only submit your final entries, resubmission will not be entertained.

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Please direct all press inquiries to

Copyright 2018 ASSIST Inc.  Internet Services dontated by XMission.